Y6 Bamburgh Visit 2019

Thank You

Thank you so much for lending us your children for the week- they were simply fabulous.  It is always a tense and tiring time for the adults having that level of responsibility for five full ‘round the clock’ days with two constant aims: firstly to ensure that they are all safe; and secondly to ensure they have a great time.  So when we all come back smiling then you know that is all down to the children.  They were wonderful all week.  Brilliant throughout every day, asking sensible questions and always keen to fill in their booklets (sometimes even nagging us as to when they could finish them off each day).  So polite and respectful of all the places that we visited and the other visitors that we met.  So calm and quiet at meal times – even though there were so many of them.  And they had a brilliant time on the beach every night mixing with different groups of friends and getting on with everyone without fuss.  At times it was really difficult to believe that there were 50 children with us because they were so sensible and a joy all week!

I would like to give a special mention to their sensible behaviour on the boat trip.  Taking so many children onto the Inner Farne and through those pecking Turns was not something that we were particularly looking forward to, but in fact because of their sensible attitude and their listening to and following of our instructions it was in fact without doubt my most enjoyable and stress free Boat Trip so far in all my 20-odd years of doing this visit.

And a final thank you to you all for giving us some space to remove the cases from the coach and your patience with us dismissing your children when we returned to Ferriby.  That was without doubt the most efficient return and release yet – despite the fact that there were so many children – so thank you so much.


Our Evenings at Bamburgh

At 6pm we would have our delicious dinner every night before we went to the beach.  After our meal we would go to our room to get ready for the beach to get dressed or get equipment for cricket. About 5 mins later all of us would set off walking down. We usually went left round the castle but twice we went right to a sandy slope which we all ran down. When we got to the beach we all sprinted as fast as we could to be with our friend as. I went to Fionula and Chloe and we all got hurried by Isaac, George, Ollie and Dan, whereas Zoe, Evelyn and Kenzie tried to dig as far as they could.

After an hour most of us went to play a fun game of cricket. I couldn't bat and even Mr Orr joined in - he was a very good backstop. After about 2hours we started to head back and we all will miss the lovely beach.

By Grace C

Friday 7th June - Durham Cathedral

This morning only about 13 of us went on the morning walk, but this was probably because it was at 7am.  We walked down to the beach and looked at the amazing view of the sea and Bamburgh Castle.  After saying goodbye to the beach we went back to the hotel and had our breakfast. Then we went up to our rooms to bring our things down before getting on the coach to go to Durham Cathedral. As we left we said bye to all the places we had seen in the past 5 days.

By Jacob

After we left the hotel we traveled for an hour and a half till we arrived at Durham Cathedral. When we walked in we all went to the toilets and then we were greeted by a guide called Anne. We first went to where the monks would have lived - the original cathedral. She also told us how the Normans invaded, took over and extended the Cathedral. After, she explained that girls were only allowed to a certain point of the Cathedral as apparently St Cuthbert didn't want women in the Cathedral. But this wasn't true because he used to work with noble women. Then the Normans built a part they were allowed in and in there was also the tomb of the Venerable Beds. Next we walked to the choir where some choir boys had carves their names into the walls.

We walked past the choir to a stained glass window for a boy from Durham who sadly died.  There were many colourful windows, some modern and some Norman.  The Marks and Spencer window was based on the last supper. They paid for the window and had it designed.

The Cathedral had a friendly educator guide and beautiful architecture. This was an amazing experience as we learnt lots of its history.

By Chloe B

After lunch some people played on the field near the river. Then after about an hour we got.back on the coach. On the coach we sang songs, ate sweets and just chatted. Looking out of the window on the coach was good too. Northumbria has some fantastic scenery.
By Sofia

Thursday 6th June - Bamburgh Castle and The Farne Islands

Final fun on the Beach

Lovely weather for the morning walk today.

Bamburgh Castle

After breakfast, we walked up to Bamburgh Castle and into the courtyard where the guide told us a little bit about the history of the Castle.  Then we went inside . First we were taken into a room with a replica of the Castle where we were told some more information. Then we went into the 'first small room' but it wasn’t that small. It was full of pictures of owners throughout the past years. Then we went into the ‘second small room' where there was the first radiator and the first air conditioner that both still work! Afterwards we went into the ‘third small room‘ that was huge! It was where the people entertained their guests and Luke got to play the piano that was in the room. Next we went into a room called the’ keep’ which was where people went to feel safe they could stay there for weeks on end. Then we went into the archaeological room where we explored. Finally we went into the museum where there was all sorts of machinery.Then it was time to leave so we could be in time for lunch.

By Imogen

Boat Trip

After lunch, we went to the Farne Islands. There are over 58000 puffins on the Inner Farne! We also saw artic terns, shags, cormorants, razorbills, seals, kittiwakes, seagulls, dolphins and black-headed gulls. We learnt about how puffins lay their eggs in burrows. Next, we went to the island where Grace Darling lived with her dad. We learnt that although Grace and her father saved 9 lives, 33 people went down with the Forfarshire, the ship that was wrecked. When we got back to the docks, we went to the gift shop. Then we got on the coach and went back to the hotel.

By Luke

Fun on the Beach

Wednesday 5th June - Cragside House

7am for the morning walk today - so it was really impressive that 13 managed to get up for it.




First we went in through the massive archway and into this fabulous house; when we walked in, our group went into the butlers room.In this room was many interesting inventions one being a soda maker because you couldn’t just get a tonic water from the co-op back then.

The next room was the kitchen with many different kinds of inventions to make the servants life so much easier like a thing called a dumb waiter (not literally a dumb waiter) where the maids downstairs in the basement would put the food so they didn’t drop it coming up the stairs. 

Next, we went to the dining room where there was a table that could grow by pulling some parts of the table out and then adding some new bits in.And there was a fireplace you could sit in!.

Then we went into the library where there were the first electric lights that were designed by Joseph Swann. 

Next, we went to the toilet and sauna room where there was a Turkish bath ,plunge pool, toilet, shower and it was heated. 

 By Fran


After we visited the amazing house of William Armstrong, we went for a walk to the power house where we tested how water could power light. For the water to do this, it needs to be up high so it can have enough pressure to work. 

After that, we walked for about another hour until we reached the house again. We then walked down to the formal garden, which was very pretty and quiet, then we sat around the pond. Mrs Chapellow then asked us questions about what we thought about William Armstrong and why we got this impression of him. Some people thought he was clever because he invented lots of things that were really hard to think of. Other people thought he was generous because he treated his servants well and made inventions to help them do less work. 

After that, we went to the gift shop where some of us bought gifts. Then, we got on the bus and went back to the hotel for our tea and to play on the beach.

By Neve

Tuesday 4th June - Holy Island and the Coastal Walk

26 went on the morning walk. Weather was glorious and the views fantastic.

Today we had our first morning walk and it was beautiful after the teachers woke up the lazy ones later we had our breakfast we had cereal and a full cooked English breakfast.

By Fionula


After our first morning walk of the week, we all came down for a bowl of cereal and full cooked breakfast. Ready for the day, we packed our bags and got on the coach.

Arriving at Lindisfarne, we parked up and headed towards the priory. Looking at the beautiful settings, we were instructed to write a poem about what we saw and heard. 

Next, we did a treasure hunt in the church, sketched St. Cuthbert’s statue and looked round the Lindisfarne museum. After that, it was finally time for lunch!

By Ruby

Coast Walk from Budle Bay

After lunch on the grass we got back on the coach to get ready to leave the holy island. We travelled back along the coast to where we were walking from. We got off the bus and we went to see the ancient stag rock.

We walked all the way back to Bamburgh along the beach and sand dunes. When we got back to Bamburgh we went to St Aidens Church to look at Grace Darlings memorial. After that we went back to the hotel for tea.

Everyone found their table and sat down to eat our 2nd dinner, fish and chips, they were really delicious. 

After that we got ready to go for a walk round Bamburgh castle and we got to see the castle and mountains from a different perspective which was really nice. Then we got time to play on the beach for 1 hour or 2 before the rain came and we came back inside and got in the shower to smell really nice:) Then we went to write our diaries and then had a cookie and and a drink and went up to go to sleep. 

By Fionula

Monday 3rd June - Beamish Museum


Today,at 8’o clock we said goodbye to our beloved parents who finally had some peace for the week. After long draining hours on the coach we arrived at Beamish Museum at about 11’o clock. We then went to the loos and walked over to the entrance of the Museum. When we entered it we went over to where the trams were and hopped on one to get to the town where people used to live in the olden days. Eventually,we arrived at the town to where we were supposed to be and got our folders out so we could write about the shops when we went in them and learnt about them too.                                                                                 

When we got them out we entered the dentists and went upstairs to ask questions about it to put in our folders. The man said that the chairs where red because the patients mouths bled on the chairs. They also told us that they strapped their arms,legs, bodies and even their heads so they couldn’t kick or do anything to the dentist in case it went wrong. Then we went to the Music teachers house and had a little look around it. After we looked in that we went to some other shops too. Overall I had a really good time.

Written by Zoe 


After visiting the dentist, we then walked to the co-op, there we looked in the three different sections of the building: hardware, clothing and shoes as well as the grocery segment of the store. 

We discovered that the co-operative's motto was ‘Labour and Wait’ and that to get change they used a ‘cash and ball system’ known as the ‘ Lamson Paragon cash delivery system’.

Firstly, the ball is placed in the basket before someone then pulls the cord which activates the pulley and lifts the ball to the rails. The ball rolls along the rails where it ends up in the cash office where the money is sorted and sent back to the customer. After three months, everything the customer has spent, is totalled and they receive a dividend of 20%. 

(Did you know C.W.S stands for Co-operative Wholesale Society).

Next, after our very informative and educational experience at the old co-op, we went to the bakery- where we tried some free samples of broken biscuits and homemade bread cooked this morning, freshly. We also got the opportunity to spend some of our three pound allowance on the bakery’s confectionery.

Swiftly after, we visited the sweet shop, we walked in and lying on the table was a batch of mouth-watering cinder toffee- which we all consumed a piece of. After that, the children still left with money choose to buy some sweets to enjoy throughout the week/day. 

We then enjoyed dinner and the afternoon began.

 By Jasmine


The Pit Village:

In the afternoon we went into the drift mines, which are mines that slowly go down and usually come out the side of a hill.

In the drift mines the average child will have to duck down so they don’t bang their head on the wooden Planks on the concrete ceiling of the malicious mines.

Our tour guide said that the mines were normally extremely dangerous and could cause disability’s such as: deafness, blindness, heart and lung disease.

The youngest child that worked in the mines was 4 1/2 years old, normally the child would start working underground at the age of 5.  In the drift mines there were no toilet breaks, so the miners had to do their business on a rounded spade ;after they’d finished they put the poo in a pile on the coal and carry on with their work.

There were many jobs in the mines, the tour guide we had said that he used to work in a 30cm mine, they had to stay in those mines for a whole work day ( about 13 hours ) they didn’t have a toilet to pee in so the peed in their work gear, they only had candle light and if that goes out unless there was a spare candle they would work in pitch dark for the rest of the work day.

The miners earned about £1 a week.

By Lucy

The Angel of the North