North Ferriby CE Primary School

Vision Statement

Our Vision Plan is based round the key things that we would like our children to develop during the years they are with us so they are ready for life after they leave us. We all feel that these are ‘Key Skills for Life’ which will help our pupils to enjoy happy and successful futures – whatever they may be!


Our thoughts can be summarised in 5 points:

1. Healthy and Safe: 

We will support and advise children on how to live healthy lifestyles (diet and exercise) and how to stay safe (travel, e-safety, relationships etc)

2. Thoughtful: 

We will help our children to be active learners, to drive their own learning and think for themselves. We will also develop thoughtful caring children who think of others and show empathy.

3. Enterprising: 

Pupils will develop understanding of business including finances, team work, leadership, problem solving and planning, among other things. They will be able to draw on this in the future both for their personal and eventually for their working lives.

4. Creative: 

Pupils will develop an appreciation of the arts and will be given a range of opportunities to express themselves through music, art, dance etc.

5. Core Christian Values:

Threaded through all of these things and through the whole of the rest of the curriculum will be our 5 core values of Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Service and Creation.


 So from this our ‘School Vision Statement’ has been written and can be downloaded by clicking the link below: