Reception - Mrs Sharkey/Mrs Canbay/Mrs Adamson

Weekly update – Week commencing Monday 11th October 2021

Our focus text has been Handa’s Surprise.  After reading the story we talked about the meaning of the wow words (the key vocabulary in the text).  The children then talked about the fruit they had brought from home, chopped and tasted it.  We were really pleased with the range of vocabulary used to describe the appearance, texture and taste of the fruit.


Adult led learning


The children have been using their phonic knowledge to write labels for the fruits in Handa’s Surprise.



We have learnt all about repeating patterns.  We started with a class pattern of fruit from Handa’s Surprise – banana, tangerine, banana, tangerine etc…  The children then made their own patterns with the Autumn nature.  Some made really tricky patterns leaf, conker, stick, pine cone, leaf, conker, stick, pine cone. Many of us can explain why it’s a pattern, what’s wrong with an incorrect pattern and put it right.


 Understanding the World

We read the story ‘Once there were Giants’ and talked about the stages of growing up.  We then drew a picture to show so something that we have just learnt to do.


During independent learning time, in the provision areas, we have particularly enjoyed: 

  • Chopping Autumn nature in the Outdoor Kitchen.
  • Building a new basket for Handa in the Construction Area.
  • Making baskets with playdough with a focus on rolling and hollowing.
  • Making tube people in the Model Making Area with a focus on the skill of fringing.
  • Balancing bean bags on their heads on the climbing stack and obstacle course.
  • Practising forming ladder, curly caterpillar and one-armed robot shapes on the chalk board.
  • Drawing and building repeating patterns.   


Weekly update - Week commencing Monday 4th October 2021