Religious Education

Religious Education Statement of Intent

The Core Christian values at North Ferriby Church of England Primary School are Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Service and Creation. These values underpin our curriculum and enrich all aspects of our pupils’ education. Our curriculum prepares children for the future by developing Heathy and Safe, Trusting, Enterprising and Creative members of the local community. Embedded within our teaching and learning, are opportunities for the pupils to understand the meaning and significance of the Christian faith. 

As a Church of England school, Religious Education is centred on Christianity as a ‘diverse and living faith’ (Statement of Entitlement, 2019). The curriculum has been designed around our Vision Statement and Core Christian Values. Other world faiths are studied and celebrated as an integral part of our Religious Education delivery to ensure that children ‘gain a knowledge and understanding of a range of religions and worldviews’ (Statement of Entitlement, 2019). It encourages an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith and promotes respect and tolerance through the experience it offers to all its pupils to reflect our fundamental British Values. 

We have the highest aspirations for our pupils and have created a bespoke and inclusive curriculum where children are encouraged to be active learners, have confidence to share experiences and opinions, and to flourish academically. We aim to promote and provide a safe environment where children feel nurtured, accepted and valued. 

We endeavour to deliver the highest quality teaching and learning within the context of Christian belief and practice ‘through sequential religious education’ (Statement of Entitlement February 2019). As a Voluntary Controlled school, we adhere to and implement the East Riding Agreed Syllabus as a basis for our curriculum. The Understanding Christianity resource is used to supplement this. Philosophy for Children is embedded into the curriculum to promote critical and independent thinkers about key concepts and discussion points. 

At North Ferriby CE Primary School, we follow the Locally Agreed Syllabus - A Syllabus for Religion and Worldviews. This syllabus promotes an enquiry approach to learning. It provides our pupils with the opportunity to develop knowledge about the religions and worldviews they study, which helps them to understand the society in which we live, the culture we inherit and the wider world of which we are a part.  

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We are committed to providing opportunities linked to the RE Curriculum through educational visits, visitors and theme days