Art & Design

Art and Design Statement of Intent

The Core Christian values at North Ferriby Church of England Primary School are Friendship, Forgiveness, Trust, Service and Creation. These values underpin our curriculum and enrich all aspects of our pupils' education. Our curriculum prepares children for the future by developing Healthy and Safe, Trusting, Enterprising and Creative members of the local community. Embedded within our teaching and learning are opportunities for the pupils to understand the meaning and significance of the Christian faith.

At North Ferriby Church of England Primary School, Art and Design embody the highest form of human creativity. We believe the creative and topic-driven teaching should instil in pupils an appreciation of beauty and an awareness of how creativity depends on technical mastery. Therefore, children should learn to draw, paint and sculpt, as well as design and create aesthetically pleasing objects in two and three dimensions. In addition to physical creativity, pupils should learn about the achievements of great artists and designers.