Learn and New Song

Somewhere Over the rainbow:

Have a listen to our version of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' and sing along if you know the words:

Count On Me:

Have a listen to our version of 'Count on Me' and sing along if you know the words:

You've Got A Friend:

Mrs Hirst, Mrs Powell and Mr Orr thought that some of you might enjoy learning and singing a new song.  On this page you will hopefully find all of the resources that you need in order to learn and sing the song 'You've Got A Friend' by Carol King.

The song is sung in unison (everyone singing the same notes) during the verses but moves into THREE parts during the chorus.

Directly below you will hopefully find the words and the backing track for the verse and chorus.  Have a listen and try to sing along to the tune:



Once you have done that have a go at learning one of the parts for the CHORUS.  You should find four tracks below.  One for part one of the chorus (which is the tune); one for part two; one for part three; one for all three with the piano and one of all three without the piano.


Chorus Backing Track (PIANO):

PART ONE (tune):



Parts ONE, TWO and THREE together: