Reception - Mrs Sharkey/Mrs Canbay/Mrs Bryans

Weekly Update - Week Commencing Monday 15th November 2021

This week we have used the story The Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and Andy Goldsworthy’s beautiful leaf art to have a final week celebrating and appreciating the beautiful transformation of leaves in Autumn.

The writing task this week began with an Autumn walk to observe and collect leaves.  The children then thought of words to describe the leaves.  They listened carefully to the phonemes (sounds) in each word and wrote the corresponding graphemes (letters).  They are becoming more independent at hearing phonemes in words and more controlled with their letter formations.

In Maths, the children have been learning all about 4 and 5 in great depth.  They have had regular subitising practise (looking at an amount and recognising instantly how many), counted out 4 and 5 leaves and looked at and described different arrangements of leaves. They have learnt about the relationship between 4 and 5 and what happens to numbers as we count forwards and backwards.

In RE, the children talked about their baby photos (thank you so much for bringing in, they’re all gorgeous) and how they have changed.  We made an interest table with them and talked about how everyone starts life as a baby, even Jesus.

The children have been developing many skills in the provision areas this week and are showing huge progress in using our wow words when talking to each other.  They have particularly enjoyed:

  • Cutting leaves
  • Writing on leaves
  • Making collections of 4 and 5 and sorting visual representations of 4 and 5
  • Making their very own junk models using the skills of a flange joint, fringe and a basic joint
  • Creating playdough leaves with a focus on the skills of rolling, cutting and scraping
  • Making Leaf Men with Autumnal nature and construction equipment
  • Making Leaf Art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy 

Next week sees the start of Christmas, sorry!  We will be focusing on the very first Christmas.


Weekly Update - Week commencing Monday 8th November 2021

The children have learnt about 2 celebrations this week, Diwali and Bonfire Night. Their understanding of the Diwali story has been amazing.  They practised their skills of rolling, nipping and hollowing out dough to make beautiful diva lamps.

In the writing task this week, children have labelled a picture of bonfire night, listening carefully and identifying the phonemes (sounds) they can hear in words.  They have also practised forming some of the handwriting shapes in their thin lined hand writing books.

We have had a focus on shapes and positional language in Maths. The children became Shape Spotters, putting on their ‘shape spotting glasses’ to hunt for circles and triangles in the environment. Once found, the children had to explain how they knew they were circles or triangles using this week’s wow words such as side, edge, corner, straight and curved.

The most popular challenges in the areas this week have been:

  • Making playdough diva lamps using the skills of rolling, nipping and hollowing
  • Making their very own junk models using the skill of a flange joint, we’ve had a submarine, handbag and owl to name but a few
  • Developing their colour mixing skills by mixing different shades of orange, yellow and red to paint flames
  • Using 2D shapes to make firework scenes
  • Building a bonfire with large sticks
  • Creating a small world bonfire display
  • Using lose parts to make a variety of triangles and circles and explaining what shape they are using our wow words
  • Jumping off the climbing stack like an exploding firework and landing on their feet, with 2 bent knees.


Such a busy and fun week.


Have a lovely weekend.



Weekly Update - Week commencing Monday 1st November 2021

 It’s been a super first week, filled with very hands on and practical learning all about

The classroom and both outdoor areas have been filled with a whole range of
pumpkins, thank you so much for kindly donating so many. The week wouldn’t have
been so enjoyable without them.

Our focus text was The Roll-Away Pumpkin and we also watched a BBC class clip
about an enormous pumpkin.

In the areas the children have particularly enjoyed:

  • Chopping pumpkins
  • Investigating all the parts of a pumpkin using magnifying glasses and our weekly
    wow words to describe what they see.
  • Rolling huge pumpkins down the grassy slope.
  • Rolling pumpkins into water.
  • Counting pumpkin seeds into tins and making a range of labels to show how many
    are in the tin.
  • Making a small world pumpkin patch
  • Learning a new skill in the model making area – the flange joint. Children learnt how
    to cut snips into tubes and attach to other junk modelling. This skill worked perfectly
    for attaching toilet roll tubes to empty containers to look like a stalk and a pumpkin.
    Next week the children will be using their own ideas for model making with a flange

The children have used their phonics skills to label a picture of a pumpkin for their
writing task this week. In maths, we have focussed in detail on the numbers 1, 2 and
3; ordering them, finding out more and less and 1 more and less. We have looked at
the composition of 3 e.g. its 1 and 1 and 1 or 2 and 1. Some children have
investigated all the different ways of making 3.
It’s been a very productive and happy week.

Weekly update – Week commencing Monday 11th October 2021

Our focus text has been Handa’s Surprise.  After reading the story we talked about the meaning of the wow words (the key vocabulary in the text).  The children then talked about the fruit they had brought from home, chopped and tasted it.  We were really pleased with the range of vocabulary used to describe the appearance, texture and taste of the fruit.


Adult led learning


The children have been using their phonic knowledge to write labels for the fruits in Handa’s Surprise.



We have learnt all about repeating patterns.  We started with a class pattern of fruit from Handa’s Surprise – banana, tangerine, banana, tangerine etc…  The children then made their own patterns with the Autumn nature.  Some made really tricky patterns leaf, conker, stick, pine cone, leaf, conker, stick, pine cone. Many of us can explain why it’s a pattern, what’s wrong with an incorrect pattern and put it right.


 Understanding the World

We read the story ‘Once there were Giants’ and talked about the stages of growing up.  We then drew a picture to show so something that we have just learnt to do.


During independent learning time, in the provision areas, we have particularly enjoyed: 

  • Chopping Autumn nature in the Outdoor Kitchen.
  • Building a new basket for Handa in the Construction Area.
  • Making baskets with playdough with a focus on rolling and hollowing.
  • Making tube people in the Model Making Area with a focus on the skill of fringing.
  • Balancing bean bags on their heads on the climbing stack and obstacle course.
  • Practising forming ladder, curly caterpillar and one-armed robot shapes on the chalk board.
  • Drawing and building repeating patterns.   


Weekly update - Week commencing Monday 4th October 2021