Bamburgh 2022



Bamburgh- Monday


Today, we arrived at school at around 7:35, everyone was eagerly waiting to set off, the group leaders/teachers called us to bring our suitcases and bags onto the coach. Once everybody was on the coach - except from Mr Pearson who would travel in his car - we soon set off and everybody cheered with pure delight. On the journey most people waved to trucks and lorries passing by to see if they would receive a wave in return; if they did, the coach lit up with joy from the children. We took a brief stop for the toilets and then soon set off for the second half of our journey to Beamish! Once all of us got to Beamish, we got off the coach, relieved that we could finally stretch our cramped legs and walk for a while - but after a long time of walking everyone would soon be glad to reach the coach again.

We walked to the miners houses and took a look around finding more and more intriguing furniture and features the further we ventured; filling in pages of our given Bamburgh books along our first adventure. After that we walked for what seemed like miles! Although once we arrived at the drift mine it was definitely worth it. We dropped off our heavy backpacks (which made all of us feel like we were carrying the weight of the world) in the wooden carts at the entrance and followed our costumed guide into the damp mines. He lectured us on what would happen to the children back in the early 1900’s and then turned off the light! Everyone screamed as we were in the pitch black until the light came back on. On my way out I took pictures of the mine but I soon realized that all you could see was the dark; so banging my head on the way out, I deleted them. We carried on walking and then arrived at our next destination.

 Bamburgh- Tuesday 7th June 2022


Today, we went on a morning walk ,if we wanted to,and explored Holy Island


For those who wanted,they went on the walk at 7:30 am down on the beach and arrived back at the hotel at 8:00 am for breakfast. Breakfast was rice crispies and there was toast,bacon,sausages and beans,it was delicious. At 11:00 we started our journey to Lindisfarne (aka Holy Island) it took 30 minutes to get there. We went on a road that, at times,submerges under the water and the path to the island is blocked.


We drew a statue of St. Cuthbert in our Bamburgh books and wrote a poem about the Priory which we are going to be reading out tonight. We also bought gifts from the gift shop and we went to a Grace Darling museum,we learnt how to light a lighthouse from a game in the museum.


Wednesday 8th June 2022

Today we visited Cragside to learn all about William Armstrong and his fascinating house. After we had our delicious breakfast, we hopped on the bus and said our ‘hellos’ to Chris (the bus driver) and got on our way !


Forty five minutes later, we arrived to his jaw-dropping mansion to see the breath taking views. Tall,majestic trees towered over the small graceful flowers in the cloudy fog . We split into  four groups: half of us went in the  amazing house which was built in the eighteen hundreds by William Armstrong - one of the best scientists to ever walk this Earth. He specialised in hydro alicyclics (water power )and was light years ahead of his time .


Meanwhile,some of us were sketching his magnificent home in the rain and talking among ourselves .Finally, it was our groups turn to have a teacher led tour around his house . First of all, we had a look around grand kitchen where the real life replica of the first ever soda stream sat upon the kitchen counter.


Next, we moved on to the the butler’s head quarters where he would drink whisky ,iron ,fold clothes and work. We moved down stairs to see the boiler and a metal hot water bottle which is strange because nowadays they are rubber and have a fluffy cover it shows how much times have changed .


Swiftly , we moved to his dining room which had the Union Jack carved into the middle of his wooden table. Fun fact: William Armstrong hated his dinner cold so he made his dinning room next to the the kitchen .He hung his family’s and friends’ portraits up, according to the lady who works there, William loved and respected his family.


Upstairs, William had a spa and Turkish bath (which is basically a small swimming pool) he had bedrooms for his three nephews and niece which where decorated beautifully. He also made a bedroom for the Prince and Princess of Wales their bed had owls carved into the wooden bed. He mad a marble fire place with angels carved into it .


When we came out side, we walked all the way to a hill where we ate our sandwiches,crisps fruit and a chocolate biscuit.The hotel kindly gifted us with blue water bottles.We went on a humongous walk in the rain all the way to the power house. We were all soaked but had a fantastic walk.




The day went off to a  very good start when we started off our active morning on a long but lovely walk along the beach where we spotted the waves crashing down.

By the time we got back breakfast was ready and we were delighted to see rice crispies,sausage,bacon,beans and toast. Not knowing the plan we sat down and talked about the long day ahead of us. We set off on a long,draining (but exciting) hike all the way up to Bamburgh Castle and was greeted by our generous tour guide.

We first visited the point in the castle where they can see 360 degrees! to spot any attackers coming for the crown. Can you believe Harrison Ford was there filming Indiana Jones last year? We saw a door in the shape of a funny milk bottle and learnt it was to bring you and your horse in to be safe. We entered the massive kitchen where it was filled with fascinating artefacts and kitchen supplies and saw a spitting image of the castle as a model.Then we entered the first small room which held dry goods like flower and bread and then entered the second small room also holding dry goods.

Just opposite the castle was a car park were they found 120 Anglo Saxon bodies!

After that we went in a room dedicated to Dr John Sharp himself with photos of him.

A while later we ran in the humongous hall for the king where they dance and dined and partied.Just next to that room was the billiard room with a massive snooker table and different beverages but unfortunately for the women it was only for the men but the next room was for the women (fair chamber) were there were dresses and lots of chairs.Next was an awesome room the armoury with loads of weapons previously used all along the walls and our guide was telling stories about a spooky ghost.The dungeons; they were very scary indeed with bodies and rats and flickering lights that is where the prisoners went and that was near the court room which used to be the school but was then used to declare punishments. After lunch, we left Bamburgh and took a short coach ride to  Seahouses with a big gift shop and took a tiring 3 mile walk along the beach all the way back to our cosy hotel.