Friday 10th June - Durham Cathedral

Today, after a lovely breakfast of bacon, sausage and baked beans, we set off for home, planning to stop at Durham Cathedral on the way. When we arrived, we walked through the busy town centre, keeping in our groups so we didn't get lost In the crowds. Within the next few minutes, we had reached the magnificent building. In front of us stood the beautiful Cathedral. To start off with, we walked around with a tour guide, who told us interesting facts on the way (they were all about St Cuthbert). He told us how the Vikings had been clever with their raids by completing one attack and then waiting about five years when everyone thought it had stopped, so they weren't expecting it!

We were told how the cathedral had been built and who had built it. It was William the conquerer who ordered his men to build it. This was about 1000 years ago, which shows why it took 30 years to build. In those days they did not have all the cool machinery we have today: nowadays it would take us about eight years to build! Inside the cathedral there is a tomb with St Bede in it- the tomb had latin written on it and we learnt that "ossa"means bones. There is also a tomb with St Cuthbert in it. After we had looked at these ancient objects, we took a look at a window different to the rest. It had bright colours in it, unlike the others. This window was of the last supper, but the artist made it different to the others by making the heads look like a type of vegetable or something. The tour guide said that someone had once asked him why there was a cabbage on the picture!

Meanwhile, the other group were doing all this too, but in a different order.

At about one pm, we headed back to the coach park to have lunch in the playing field next to it. Whilst we were finishing lunch, the boys and some of the girls had a mad football game. When we had all hade a good run around we returned back to the coach to return our journey home.

By Libbie

Thursday 9th June - Bamburgh and The Farne Islands

Bamburgh Castle

In the morning after we had breakfast we fetched our bags and walked to Bamburgh castle to enjoy a morning of fun. We got there after a couple of minutes and entered Bamburgh castle where we explored all of the castle history. Our tour guide told us about many battles the castle had survived. Also we were told that there were ghosts that lived in the castle like the pink lady and doctor sharp. After we had explored Bamburgh castle we came out of the exit and sat on the cricket pitch to have lunch.

By Alex and Lucy.

The Boat Trip

After we had lunch we went to the Farne Islands. We caught a boat that took us to the Farne Islands. We we're surrounded by birds and they we're really annoying! We looked up and saw lots of birds swarming up as we walked along the wooded path. We walked down to the jetty and waited for our boat to arrive.

On the way back we got splashed and we sailed past where Grace Darling made her amazing save. As we were about to get back we had to go back to where we came from and picked up some wardens that we needed to take back.

We all had a great day and realised that next year the year 5's will need to take caps so that they don't get pecked!

By Rebecca and William

Wednesday 8th June - Cragside House

Today, we woke up quite early to get breakfast and get onto the coach for Cragside, it didn't take that long before we got there.
The house looked so big and fancy, we put our bags down and went up to the Guest bedroom.
Then, we went to lady Armstrong's morning room, we learnt that their chairs are so low because women couldn't show their ankles.
We also went to the plunge bath where, in those days, only boys were allowed. In there you would relax in a hot room, then get in a cold shower, next a cold bath and finally a hot bath.
We went into the room where only ladies went and there was cake! We got told that the ladies chatted and knitted while they rested.
Next, we went to the kitchen where we saw one of Armstrong's famous water powered inventions were. Instead of hand turning the food over fire, you would turn the machine on and the machine would do it for you. It is amazing how it works.
After that, we went to the gallery, there was lots of sentimental painting and artsy statues
Then, everyone came outside and took some picture of the house before we walked down for lunch
By Layla and Katie

After we had been in the magnificent house, we went to do some of our own inventing. We went into education room and got settled down. Then we made our own hydrologic crane (but on a smaller scale.) We used some syringes and a tube to transfer the water, and then we started to build. We tried to lift up our wooden crane by pumping the water from one syringe through the tube to another syringe. This makes the crane lift up. The reason it lifts up is because of the pressure that the water us putting on the syringe (which is attached to the crane arm) so this results in the it lifting up.
Written by Ruby

Today in the power room we had a look around and played with a load of things. If you pressed a certain button a light would shine on a certain part of a mechanism. Some of the parts were: the pump, the dynamo and lots more. There was something were you pulled a lever left and right and it pumped water. When the water reached the blue line you pulled lever and it reset. There was another thing were you had to push a lever back and forth and it made lights flicker on and off. That was the hardest. Another one were you had to simply pull a lever and see how high you got depending on how much force you put in. If you went into room you could press a button and it would make the mechanism work. Today was definitely the most interesting day at Bamburgh.
By Christian

Today we also,went to the formal garden. We needed to be in a calm mood because it was a quiet, calm place. We all sat around the pond and shared our thoughts about William Armstrong. We said what we were interested about him and what we wanted to learn more about at school! We also went in the gift shop and on the coach! It was a good visit to Cragside.
By Jacob

Tuesday 7th June - Holy Island and the Coastal Walk


Today we went to Holy Island (Lindisfarne) and had a great time. We visited Lindisfarne priory which consisted of old ruins from when the Monks' monastery was destroyed by Vikings. The place was peaceful enough that you could hear the birds tweeting and the grass rustling. The air was refreshing and the surroundings were beautiful. There were many maps and quiet areas to identify. We sat down and sketched different pieces of the old, crumbled walls. This inspired us to write poetry about the priory, including our five senses. We spent quite a while there too and it was very fun.

By Alex R

After the priory we came across the church were there was a statue of st. cuthbert .Then we explored the AMAZING glass windows and even drew a sketch of the carved statue of st. Cuthbert . Once we had looked around the church we strolled across to the museum where we learnt more about st. Cuthbert and st. Aidan . Shortly after we dashed off to enjoy some lunch.

Ella and Lilia

Budle Bay:

After a very yummy lunch the bus driver took us away from Lindisfarne. We set off to Budle bay where we took a 2 to 3 mile walk. It took us quite a while but it felt for ever for some of us.

First we walked in a big group but then we quickly split up people walking along finding little colourful shells that has been washed off the shores - pinks, oranges and even purples. After about an hour we hit a wall we couldn't go over so Mrs Brooks had to check round it if the tide is there it wasn't so we quickly scuttled round the bend as the tide was chasing us.

We walked on and found lots of horrible animals (who were dead) we stopped at a point to have a time just sketching Bamburgh castle and a white stag painted into the cutting rocks the tide quickly closed in and we walked on some of us was skimming stones on the sea some bounced 7 times which was impressive.After that we walked back to the hotel had dinner and took a trip to the beach.

By Nathan

After we had our lunch we set off to Budle Bay where we were going to do our amazing beach walk where there were amazing views. While we were walking back to Bamburgh people where stopping and picking up shells and some where skimming
rocks on the water at stag rock.

At one point there was a dead deer and every one was surprised they saw that and a bit nearer to the end we found a dead crab.

We went past our hotel and went to Grace Darlings grave and also went inside the church and wandered around quietly and went to the Grace Darlings memorial stained glass window.

It was a happy birthday to Patrick and Ben.


Monday 6th June - Beamish Museum

The Shops:

Today in Beamish we went to look round all of the old shops, dentists, banks and solicitors homes. Our favourite bit was obviously the sweet shop,it was so good there was a session on of how to make Rhubarb and custard sweets but we couldn't see,luckily we still got to try a piece or two!

Then we went to the co-operative it looked really good,the old system was you would give your money to the shop assistant and they would put your money in a ball and they send it round a track and through the wall for the man that gives you your change so the shop assistant just stands there and looks pretty hardly doing anything but still gets paid (not a lot!)


We went to the garage, only for about 5 minutes, it had old banners and also some immense classic cars: and old Ford and A car about the same calibre, but the brand was shut down a number of years ago.
We saw some banner add for a long-living, we'll known company: Michelin, but the only thing is, that there wasn't many cars in those days, but they have ALWAYS made tyres, so they started off making tyres for bikes, but when cars grew more popular, the market for them dramatically grew, so that has been their end of the market ever since.
The cars were all convertible in those days, they weren't safisticated enough to get tough cars that could hold a roof, and few people would even own a car, so it didn't matter too much.

By Lucas

The Dentist:

Today we went to Beamish I had a good time learning about the dentist and how they would live there every day lives . I learnt that if you needed a filling it would cost 15 shillings and If you needed dentures it would cost up to twelve pounds which is twelve times the average pit mans weekly wage.
I saw a filling machine that you would have to power by feet and push up and down to drill teeth. Dentists also would use gags to prevent people biting their tongue.  Dentists would also have red chairs so they didn't see the blood.

By Thomas

The Mine:

When we went into the mine we learnt about the Davies and Stevenson lamps and how they work. The Davies lamp let the methane and burn but not let the flames out, the Stevenson lamp
Was glass and kept the flames going but didn't let anything in or out. But glass smashes very easily on stone.

We went into a drift mine which was dug into a mountain and a deep mine is dug straight down were you had to go down in a shaft.

The winder mans jobs was to control the shaft that went to the the deep mine.
He got paid lots and lots of money.

The miner put a token in one of the carts to show who mined the coal and who got the right material and amount of coal if the miner didn't get the right amount of coal he would be fined for not getting enough coal if the miner didn't have a number on his toll it would mean they had to search for that miner at the end of the day to check there all right

By Charlie

The Pit Houses:

The owners of the mines provided houses for their workers and their families.  in one house the husband had been killed but the sons still worked down the mine.  The mum had to do washing and cleaning for other people to make ends meet.

In another house the children slept in the attic and their was a spare bed in a wardrobe.  There was a netty (toilet) and a dolly tub in the yard outside.

The School:

The school was very old fashioned the teachers desk was a lot taller then the children's desk. It had very strange equipment to play with like a metal hoop and a ring around it. I think the school was very old fashioned the teachers desk was a lot taller then the children's desk. It had very strange equipment to play with like a metal hoop and a ring around it I think the aim of the game was to run around with the hoop without it falling over. The teachers wear very strict even if you chatted back or got an answer wrong you might even get spanked (whipped) but if you were lucky you might just get told off. There were records of the children who got spanked (whipped). There were chalk boards to write on with a piece of slate. It made a horrible scratching sound.

By Rosie

Fun on the Beach: